my hair is dry and overprocessed!

Dear Reader-

I say this with a large bleached white white piece in my own hair…. 🙂

When hair is bleached, feels dry, and looks like it too, it is always recommended to condition better. However, the cause may be the chemical service you are receiving, and if that is the case, home conditioners can help, but it will only get you so far. Bleaching hair can be harsh indeed, and if it is over-bleached, or the bleach that is being used is sub-par, then your hair does not stand a chance. It is hard for anyone with long hair to be all blonde and super healthy at the same time. We always let people know that if their desire is to be super blonde and have all the length they desire, they may have hair that is dry and compromised.

But if blonde is the desire and that is that, then consider adding a professional deep conditioning treatment to your beauty regimine. These can add the moisture and/or protein that your hair is telling you it needs. Regimines like these once a month at the salon can start to restore some of the luster that bleaching can take away, and they are typically not that expensive. Home remedies for these kinds of issues probably won’t cut it. Grandma may say mayonnaise, but As The Curl Turns believes this is like sending a marshmallow to put out a bonfire!




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