can using a flat iron everyday harm my hair?

Dear Reader-

Flat irons are certainly a miracle of modern technology. Some curly haired women used to iron their hair with a clothing iron! Lordy! The average flat iron user probably won’t hurt their hair, but if misused, damage can occur. So let’s break it down, shall we?

Blow drying the hair alone is fine. Flat ironing alone is fine. Doing them both together is probably fine. Doing this everyday? This may cause some stress to the hair. Everyday use on high heat after blow drying cranking over the same section multiple times- this can cause damage. But the real question is this- why are you reliving this regimen everyday in the first place?

90% of the population shampoos their hair more often than they should, which then leads to the blowdrying and the flat ironing. As The Curl Turns subscribes to the philosophy of less is more. Less shampooing is more time for your scalp to regulate it’s oil production, less blowdrying is more time to sleep in, less flat ironing and heat in general is more beneficial to your hair. I personally shampoo once a week! So try this- on the days you do not shampoo, just run the flat iron quickly through your tresses to style it back into place, adding a little more of your finishing product. And don’t concentrate so much on the ends, as these are the most fragile pieces that take the brunt of the abuse. You may be pleasantly surprised at what benefits second day hair can hold. More grit and product build up can mean more body and volume, and who doesn’t want that? I tell my updo clients to come into the salon with dirty hair; one day of dirt is good, two is better. My hair doesn’t start to really roll up and behave nicely until it has about 4 days of hairspray in it. On the days you do shampoo, make sure to use a salon quality heat protectant. Over the counter heat protectants may only protect up to 250 degrees or so. But some flat irons go so much higher than that! Grandma may say go for it honey, it’s only hair! But As The Curl Turns believes styler beware!

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