why does my hair lack shine?

Dear Reader-

In terms of styling, nothing is more coveted than volume and shine. Hair that has lost its luster can be attributed to a number of different things. Healthy hair has a natural shine to it, so damage is almost always the number one contributor.  If the cuticle is damaged and roughed up, it does not have a smooth surface for light to reflect off of.

How you blow dry your hair can also affect its sheen. If you rough dry just with your hands to save time, the cuticle stays open in spots. The cuticle of your hair is like the scales of a lizard. If the cuticle is not smoothed out when being blow dried, then hair is left fly away and frazzled. When using a blow dryer, be sure to smooth the hair with the brush, following the brush with the blow dryer all the way through the ends. Directional heat on both the brush and the hair will lay down those scales, and light will be more easily reflected.

Product build up is another reason for hair to look dull. Heavy waxes or sub-par shampoo can leave product residue on the hair, even after washing. Using a clarifying shampoo once a month or so can help remove such residue. Purchasing quality products is also a great help in reducing build up.

So- what products are best? It’s all personal preference of course, but my favorite spray is Label M Shine Spray. I have never used a product that gave me more sheen than this one. It is a finishing product to be used after the hair is already dry. Phyto also makes a remarkable serum called PhytoLisse. This an anti-frizz serum that leaves the hair full of gloss, and can we talk about the scent? Heavenly! PhytoLisse is a foundation product to be used before blow drying, as well as a finisher. And lastly, for those who purchase products over the counter, I like Chi Silk Infusion. Grandma may say olive oil for luster, but As The Curl Turns believes in its professional products.






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