my curly hair is so unruly!

Dear Reader-

Wavy locks are to be envied. You can easily achieve what the rest of us fry our ends to get- body. But we all want what we can’t have, as they say.

So, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! If you embrace your curls and learn how to style them right, they may go from enemy to friend. The first step is of course a good cut. Beauty operators don’t necessarily have to “specialize” in curly hair, since a good stylist should understand shapes in general. I get that there are special snowflakes out there that have hair that not everyone can handle. But overall, the trick is recognizing what each head of hair will do and where it needs aide. The biggest issue for people with curly hair is being stuck with a haircut that looks like a triangle- big at the bottom and flat at the top. A layered haircut is needed, one that releases the curl at the top and gets rid of the extra weight at the bottom of the triangle.  

Styling. When heaven sent down the diffuser from above, it was a favor indeed. Everyone that has curly or wavy hair should employ a diffuser. No exceptions. When the hair is wet, work in a curl enhancer like a mousse or curl lotion. This will help control the hair when using a diffuser, so you have less flyaways. You want your hairdryer on high heat but low speed, so you don’t blow the hair all around. Place a section of hair into the diffuser and wait for it to start to dry. Start at the top of your head to help along those stubborn flatter top pieces. It may feel like it takes forever, but it doesn’t. It just feels that way because there is little to no action with this form of drying, vs. drying with a brush and moving all around.

Products. Curl enhancers can be found in all shapes and sizes. The texture of your hair will dictate the weight of the product needed, so do not give up if your first product does not work out. Too heavy too light, Grandma and As The Curl Turns knows there is one that is just right.

Warm Regards,


p.s.- on a side note- when you are invited to a party and your pal is not, do not automatically invite them to come along. It is poor form to add your own “plus one.”


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