my hair is so flat, how can I pump up the volume?

Dear Reader-

Former teen heart throb Christian Slater aside, volume can be easy to achieve. It will take a little work and willingness to change the routine, but volume can easily be yours.

The first step is a good foundation product. These are products you use when the hair is still wet. A mousse or root lifter should be applied at the crown of the head on the scalp, but it is not necessary to pull it through to the ends.

When blow drying, make sure the hair is being brushed in all directions. This dries the hair loose and away from the scalp. Side to side, front to back, all different ways. When the hair is dry and ready to be scrubbed, I personally like to pull he hair forward when drying, avoiding the feathered back look. This may be appropriate for Farrah, but not for a more modern look. Scrubbing is when you hit the blue “cool” button and push the hair all around, real messy like. Hair is like clay. When it is warm, it is malleable. But when it is cool and set, it is difficult to get it to come back to life again. So you want to cool down the hair and set it loose and away from the scalp. This lifts the hair, giving it more volume. Scrubbing also reduces the flyaways by closing down the cuticle’s scales.

This can be achieved wih a flat paddle brush or a round brush, depending on the amount of body you want on the ends. But root volume does not need a round brush or velcro rollers to be achieved if you want to save some time. Grandma may say wash and set, but As The Curl Turns knows that sitting under a dryer is not the only avenue.

Kind Regards,


p.s.- when you are invited to someone’s home for a party, don’t forget your hostess gift! A bottle of wine, (or even better- champagne!) or another thoughtful goodie is always an appreciated treat.


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