why shouldn’t I bring my young child to the salon with me?

Dear Reader-

Children in the salon is a tricky one indeed. Salon owners want all their clients to feel welcome and comfortable in their establishments, and they all understand that sometimes child care isn’t feasible.

There are a couple of things going on here. The first is the practical side. A salon is a place of business, not a playground. Salons are not childproofed, and the menagerie of dangerous items in full reach of little hands is not a joking matter. The scissors alone, my stars! And depending on how many stylists are working at one time, there will be multiple stations where scissors and or razors can be found. The chemicals are another hazard. Bowls of color and relaxers, hair products including aeresols and goopy gels, and the hot tools! If a child were to grab onto a curling iron or flat iron that was powered up, the child could be badly injured, and the salon could be held liable.

The other side is the environment. People come to a high end salon to have an experience. They want to relax and be pampered, and believe you me- nothing ruins a relaxing shampoo experience like a crying, yelling, or simply disruptive child. A spa-like environment is an adult environment, and clients pay good money for these hours of quiet and escape. Grandma may say children are the salt of the earth, but As The Curl Turns believes the sugar and spice belongs home with the babysitter.




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