I don’t know what to do with my hair for the holidays!

Dear Reader-

The holidays can be very stressful, and finding inspiration for one’s hair can be the last on a long list. Family dinners, gifts from Santa, finishing up at work before vacation, corporate parties, shipping gifts, assembling a bicycle at 11pm on Christmas Eve without the supposed “included” instructions…….no wonder we all need a vacation from the vacation.

Start small. Tease your hair a little, or pick up a fun ribbon or flower. Add an extra curl with the iron, or a sparkly clip. If you always wear it up, leave it down and soft. If you always wear it down, show off your fancy earrings, neck and jawline a little and wear it up. For something a little bigger, I am a huge fan of a teased ponytail. I put my hair up in a ponytail and curl it. I then tease it, rather billowy. I pull it in all directions until it forms a large 60s style bun, and pin it all around the perimeter. If you have bangs, part them on the opposite side, or pull them all back into the pony. Adding the extra flower or bow will tie it all together, and as you survey the dinner table, you will know that you have the fun ‘do. Nothing puts the pep in my hair step than some big, fun, high hair. Grandma said the higher the hair the closer to God, and she was right.

Merry Christmas,

As The Curl Turns


p.s- We will all be attending holiday gatherings this season. When standing around the hors d’oeuvres, please remember not to double dip.



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