I have a job interview coming up. How should I style my hair?

Dear Reader-

Congratulations! In today’s economy landing an interview is a feat indeed.

Ladies- Ladies with long hair should pull it back and down into a low, smooth ponytail that is parted on the side. A ponytail that is hurriedly pulled up in the company’s parking lot on your way in is not the same thing. Smooth the baby hairs in the front. Make sure there is no bubbling on the sides, or a huge bump on the back. Smooth up those nape hairs. If you like a little volume in your ponytail too bad. Rat it after the interview. Ladies with short hair should wear it smooth as well, although there is a fine line between flat lifeless hair and a more conservative ladies styling choice. Hair can be worn simply: back from the face (dry, not wet or gelled) or down and to the side, with pliable product for hold. Avoid a style that calls for your hands around your face, or something that needs to be brushed out of the eyes. It should be of a natural-ish color. Beautiful natural hilites are fine, but large streaks or fantasy colors look unprofessional.

Men- When interviewing for a position you want to let the company know that you can be seen by clients or board members at a moments notice. You will always be presentable and polished. Even if the company has a casual dress policy, you do not work there yet, so it does not apply to you. Press your suit (even if it is your only suit and you don’t like it), polish your shoes, and style your hair conservatively. Brush it back or to to the side, and make sure you have enough product in it to keep it out of your eyes. If you are almost due for a trim, do it now. If nothing else, address your neckline. No shagginess, please. Manicured facial hair is fine, just avoid scruffiness- no lumberjack chic.  I realize this sounds like Plain Jane. You are right. Plain Jane or Joe wants to be remembered for their intellect and knowledge, not their unkempt or disheveled appearance.

And what to wear? A suit. Period. Even if you are sixteen years of age and are applying to Dairy Queen, Grandma would say dress for success. It gives the impression that you are serious, responsible and reliable.

Good Luck!




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