New Years Resolutions that are strictly for you.

Dear Reader-

We all want world peace and goodwill towards men. I personally went with the tried and true, weight loss. But how do we really set 2013 apart from the rest? Do some things that are only for you. Seem selfish? Good. It is, praise be.

Take more time. Just a little extra in the morning. When you are dressed like a shlub and have hair like a shlub, you will feel like a shlub. You know how you feel when you swipe on some extra mascara or wear your favorite lipstick? Why does that have to be for a special occasion? Why shouldn’t you look in the mirror every day and think Wow!

Get contacts. I am blind as a bat without some kind of visual aide, so I have glasses and contacts. But sometimes I find that I feel lazy about my makeup when I wear glasses, because my vintage frames are really a statement, and they hide my face a little. With contacts, there is no hiding. If you wear glasses every day and want to spice things up a bit, get contacts and splurge on some fun new eye shadow.

Wear nail polish. Red. Hands can look just as tired as a face can, so spruce them up with some vavavoom.

Get dressed up to do something standard. I attended a Prom Dress Bowling party last year, and it was a hoot and a half and another half hoot. Throwing strikes (a little revisionist history here. There were hardly any strikes) in a lace fifties prom dress complete with corsage and watching others do the same made this particular trip to the lanes extremely memorable. Wear heels and pearls to play bingo at the Elks Lodge. It is a fabulous excuse to wear your favorite one hour shoes, since you will be sitting the whole time! Wear a dress to sushi. An updo to work. You get it.

Commit to your hair. If your coiffe beauty regimen has slipped these past couple of years, and you can see the results- the buck stops here. Get a professional cut and keep up the maintenance schedule. Hair should be cut every six weeks or so to maintain a style. Style it on a daily basis. Feel like you just stepped out of the salon by stepping out of your personal salon, your home, with a finished hairstyle. Deep condition, invest in quality products, build a relationship with your stylist, and take pride in your appearance. You may be surprised at how sassy you feel. Grandma may say “you’re already married, you’re fine just the way you are, you’re…………” whatever, but ATCT believes the extra time spent on you is time well spent.

Happy New Year,


p.s.- I was inspired to write this piece by the Bobby Pin Blog. Jump over there for 9 more ways to put some pep in your beauty step.


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