It’s ok if I am late to my appointment….right?

Dear Reader-

Actually, Wrong.

A hairstylist works on a schedule that has very little flexibility. The time slot allotted to you is down to a science, and there is probably someone right after you. If you are late, it isn’t possible to shorten your appointment like you may do for a business meeting or conference call. If we did, then it could be the styling that gets skipped. That would mean you would leave the salon looking like a wet mop, and let me tell you- that is blasphemy to most of us hairstylists. The worst would be a rushed cut or color service. As a client, you pay the salon for above par work, and if they are rushed, well, shoddy results may ensue.

If we keep your appointment length the same, then we are late for the next person, and so on. If they are on time, they are forced to wait, and that is frustrating for them. Someone at 3pm may be left waiting because someone at 11am arrived late. Dominoes.

So, what is the right answer? If you are five minutes late, a stylist will take you and it may not impact their schedule too much. Ten or fifteen minutes…’s always best to call the salon and ask them what is best to do. They can determine if the schedule allows for any maneuvering. If not, you can be rescheduled for another convenient time.  Grandma may say better late than never, but As The Curl Turns believes that never late is better.

Kind Regards,


p.s. – love Angora sweaters but hate the shedding? Put your sweaters in a Ziploc bag and store them in the refrigerator.


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