I have just experienced a life change, and now I want to cut all my hair off!

Dear Reader-

Please don’t-yet. As a beauty operator I have heard many reasons for cutting long hair short. These are the most popular- divorce/break-up, laid off from a job/new job, empty nest syndrome, extreme weight loss, insert major life change here. But cutting off all your hair is not the only option when one is looking to make a positive change. But I will certainly do it if we come to the understanding that you won’t regret it in the morning.

The first thing I ask clients about is layering and texturizing. Do you have layers already, have you had them before, what worked and what didn’t? If a client has had layers in the past and didn’t like them, what were the reasons? Styling issues and heavy layering are almost always the first answer. Once the cut questions are exhausted, I ask about changing the color. Hilites, lolites, pink stripes. Sometimes new styling elements can change the look enough without going to extremes. All it may take is changing the styling techniques used or the brushes employed in a morning regimen. Once all these topics are covered, including questions about retail therapy (I always feel better after buying a new dress) and suggestions of a good night spent with a bottle (or more) of champagne and the girls, I will absolutely entertain chopping off some hair. Grandma may say don’t make permanent decisions when dealing with temporary emotions, and As The Curl Turns concurs.

Warmest Regards,


p.s.- did you stain your clothing at a holiday gathering? Try scrubbing the stain out with your husband’s cheapity-cheap shampoo.



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