I don’t like conditioner, it weighs my hair down.

Dear Reader-

I have heard this many times in the salon, and the reasons vary from person to person. But don’t give up on conditioner, as it is so important in any hair beauty regimen.

The first thing to take a closer look at is actually your shampoo. Is it a quality shampoo, or something you hurriedly picked up at the drug store? Cheap shampoos have so many detergents and chemicals in them they dry out the hair while leaving residue behind. Also, is it the proper shampoo for your hair texture? If you have fine hair you need to be especially careful not to use a shampoo that will leave a residue, like an anti-frizz product that is supposed to calm the hair. Stay away from clarifying shampoos unless you mean to strip the hair for something specific. Once you have addressed your shampoo choice, you can move on to the proper conditioner.

High end hair care lines will be more prescriptive, and can be tailored to your needs. Fine hair and people with sensitive, oily or dry scalps will probably need a lighter conditioner for moisture on those ends. Bleached hair will need a conditioner that provides keratin for protein, and one for moisture. (Us bleached gals sure are high maintenance!) Dry, damaged or frizzy hair calls for a stronger type of mask. Lifeless hair still needs conditioner, but don’t rub it on your scalp. You shouldn’t need conditioner on your scalp at all, since it has it’s own natural oils. It is the hair shaft and ends that need the extra hydration. The Cadillac of hair care lines is Phyto. Their philosophy is that the shampoo does all the work in terms of cleansing and hydration, and the conditioner is the cherry.  You want a Cadillac. Not a Pinto.

Kindest Regards,


p.s- Crayon on the walls because of your artistic cherubs? Rub dry cleaning solvent on it, available at your local drug store.


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