Beauty School Dropout- A Love Story

Dear Readers-

This February As The Curl Turns will be debunking some hair misconceptions, both common and uncommon. Number One- Brushing your hair 100 times every night will make it grow so much faster.

     –The path was as familiar as her own name. She heard the horses rustling in the stable. She was close now. Like so many nights before Lenora Devereaux approached the doors with breathless anticipation, and slipped silently inside. He was waiting for her. She rushed to him, pressing her lips firmly to his. “I spent a week away from you last night” Marco said huskily. “I saw the lights from the party.” Lenora looked up at him, her eyes misty with unshed tears. “The whole affair was dreadful. I can’t believe my father thinks this arranged engagement is a good idea. I don’t love him. I will never love him!” Marco held her tight, smelling of musk, sweat and hay bails. “I am only a stable boy. Bradley Whitlingfield can give you everything I can’t. Status, property, money…” For the thousandth time Lenora pushed a lush lock of hair out of his eyes, as if pushing away Bradley himself, her engagement, her prison of a life. “Your hair is so long” she teased, running her fingers through his soft chocolate brown hair. “You need a haircut! It grows so fast! Mine doesn’t seem to grow at all.” Marco looked down at her knowingly. “I brush my hair 100 times a night, and now it grows like a weed!”-

Tune in next week for another installment of…..(cue dramatic music)…..As The Curl Turns.

Brushing your hair every night will certainly stimulate the scalp and hair follicles, and help the blood circulate. It will distribute oils to keep a beautiful sheen and it just plain feels great to massage your scalp. A healthy scalp will help the hair to grow properly, but it probably won’t break any records in the growth department.



p.s- if you have snails in your garden, try outlining the garden in crushed egg shells. The snails won’t want to cross over such a scratchy moat.


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