Part 3, Beauty School Dropout- A Love Story

         -It was oppressively hot. Lenora stood with Bradley at the altar of her childhood church, but her thoughts were far from pure. She thought of Marco, and the passion they had shared the night before. Lenora silently pleaded with the statue of her Lord and Savior, surely he couldn’t forsake her? It could not be his will for her to live a life of servitude to her father, to Bradley? But as of yet, her fervent prayers had not been answered. But they had been answered when her childhood dog had been stomped by a bucking stallion. Lenora stayed up all night praying to God for Rusty to live, and with the morning light came the news that he would pull through. If the Lord could save her dog, certainly he could save her, right? Maybe this is what she deserved for not practicing obedience. Her grandfather always told her to choose her own path, but apparently not the path that led to a handsome stable boy. Lenora looked up and realized that Pastor Abrams was speaking to her. “………and that is when I will pronounce you man and wife. Is that sufficient for tomorrow’s ceremony, or is there something you would like to add?” Lenora looked up, wondering again why she smelled coffee mixed in with her despair. Bradley looked at her expectantly. “Lenora darling, the wedding rehearsal is for working out the kinks. If you remain silent on the subject today we are all to think that it will suffice, and you will have no room to complain tomorrow.” Lenora faced Bradley and again saw her future with him in a glimpse. The condescending tones, the shrill and endless demands of screaming heirs, the surefire blackness that would be her existence. She would rather throw herself in front of a speeding stagecoach. She knew then that she and Marco had to escape. They had to run for their very lives and never look back. And it had to be tonight. Once again she realized the pastor was speaking. “……….have cold feet the night before their wedding day. It’s only natural.” Pastor Abrams scratched his head furiously for a moment, and Lenora could swear she smelled coffee again. It was then she noticed the shoulders of the pastors white robe was covered in brown dust. “Pastor Abrams, are you all right?” Lenora asked. “Oh yes child,” the pastor replied. Esmeralda’s mother told me the best way to treat my dandruff was to sprinkle a heavy dose of coffee grounds on my scalp. She said it would clear right up.” Lenora scoffed. “I wouldn’t believe a word out of that woman’s mouth. You should have heard what she told my mother about brown sugar! Are we finished?” And with that, Lenora turned and walked out of the church. But only she knew that she had seen the inside of that church for the very last time.-

Stay tuned next week for another chapter of……..cue dramatic musak…..As The Curl Turns

Fiction- Coffee grounds rubbed on the scalp will relieve dandruff.

Fact- Nope.




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