Part 4, Beauty School Dropout- A Love Story

Tap. Lenora almost didn’t hear it at first, but as she stuck her head out from the closet, she heard it again. Tap. Tap. She rushed over to the window and looked out. The grounds were bathed in pale moonlight, the flowers all the same grey scale color. She looked down and saw Marco scaling the rose covered lattice that led up to her bedroom. She opened the window and helped him inside, hungrily kissing him as he struggled to stand. “We must hurry,” he whispered huskily, kissing her back with the force of a gale wind. “We don’t have much time. Just throw it all in a sack and let’s go. Take only what you can carry.” Lenora surveyed her room, hastily grabbing items and stuffing them into her pillowcase. She knew she couldn’t take much, but the thought of leaving behind all her favorite clothing was making her pause. How to choose? Marco didn’t care if her clothing matched, but even a girl on the lamb has to look presentable. Makeup, perfume, jewelry….Jewelry! She hastened over to her vanity and dumped all the contents of her jewelry box into the pillowcase. These would fetch a pretty penny on the road, and they needed all the money they could get. They would live as paupers, but Lenora didn’t care. As long as she and Marco were together they could weather any storm, surmount any obstacle, and when they were broke and starving they could live on love alone. Their love was enough. She dashed into the bathroom, for she refused to leave without soap. And all her shampoos! She had so many, she just had to take them all. She hurried back into the bedroom and Marco reached for her bag. “Why is this thing so heavy? You can only take what we can carry, not drag behind us.” “Marco No!” Lenora cried, grabbing desperately at the bottles he was tossing aside. “I need all these shampoos. Switching shampoos frequently makes your hair so much healthier.”

Will Marco and Lenora escape? Stay tuned for another installment of…..As The Curl Turns.

Fiction- switching shampoos frequently will make your hair healthier.

Fact- switching shampoos often does nothing for the health of the hair or scalp. If you are using the proper shampoo, you shouldn’t have to switch at all, unless one is a daily, and one is a treatment.


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