Color Correction-Reversing the devil’s handiwork

Dear Reader

Going from dark hair to blonde hair is a process akin to hiking the Alps, and is about as easy as skiing while doing your taxes. Corrections are the most unpredictable service a salon offers, and in most cases are so extremely stressful that some salons will refer you on to someone else because they do not offer them at all.

Hair color causes a chemical change inside the hair’s cuticle. It is not a covering over the shaft while the natural pigment lies safely underneath. Some people think that once you “strip all the artificial color off” their natural color will shine through. On the contrary, the melanin inside the hair shaft has been altered multiple times, so what lies beneath is anyone’s guess.

The first step is sloughing off as much artificial pigment as you can, as gently as you can. We use Elimin8 by Rusk. It is the most gentle color remover on the market, as you can use it multiple times in one day with minimal damage. Once Elimin8 has shrunk as many color molecules as it can and they have been shampooed away, the hair is reassessed. Then the next approach is decided upon. Bleach applied directly to the hair is the likely candidate, the length of time depending on how quickly the hair lifts and of course, it’s fragility level. If the hair is made of steel the bleach step may be repeated, and the hair is again reassessed. When the hair has lifted as much as it can, the new lighter color is decided upon and applied. Blonde is not guaranteed, or even light brown for that matter, every head is different. I have seen color that would not budge no matter what hardships it was put through. This process can take as long as two days, and is prohibitively expensive. And please know that the hair is always compromised to some degree, although the skill of the beauty operator and the quality of products used will determine the level of damage. Grandma may say hair color is like nail color, change it often. But As The Curl Turns knows that the commitment to dark hair is meant for the long haul.

Kindest Regards,


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