Is red lipstick too brazen for midday?

Dear Reader-

Red lipstick is one of those unicorns that people tend to love, but shy away from because they don’t understand it. It is mostly seen as something to wear in the evening, but the right shade is so elusive that most don’t bother. Us fifties housewives know that red can be worn anytime, and should not be relegated to the likes of floozies, hussies or hookers.

During WW2 red lipstick was extremely popular because red is in the American flag and women wore it as a symbol of patriotism. Revlon has a few shades of red whose formula has barely been touched since 1951. Love That Red, Certainly Red, and Love That Pink are a few of these. I am wearing Certainly Red right now actually. The thing about red is that it has to be worn with other makeup, an au natural face with no mascara or powder is unacceptable. Red lipstick can be paired with many types of outfits, including day wear and evening attire. Even dressed up jeans can be worn with red lipstick, as long as the outfit would not be considered casual. One should refrain from swiping on some red when in sweatpants or any kind of shorts. Or flipflops. Lordy…..

Drugstore reds almost always end up in the trash, so head out to your favorite cosmetics counter and get help trying some shades to find the right one for you. Pair it with the proper lipliner (red is notorious for feathering into fine lines around the mouth) and you are red-y, pun intended. Dita Von Teese said red lipstick and heels will put the fear of God into people, and As The Curl Turns agrees.



p.s- Ink on your clothing?. Spray some hairspray directly on the stain, let it sit for 3 minutes, and launder.


2 thoughts on “Is red lipstick too brazen for midday?

  1. Red lipstick is like dating-you have to try a few to find the right match. I have two faves, one is by MAC and one is by NARS. I recommend going to the MAC store and asking for help. I find Sephora overwhelming with all the brands, so I would stick with a place that has only a couple of brands or just one. MAC is a good place to start because their color palettes tend to be a bit bolder, so you know they will have more fun colors to choose from. Have an associate help you select some trial shades based on what you like and don’t like, and also what they think will compliment your skin tone. I tend towards matte shades, they have such a velvet look. Having the professional help is essential, because red may be out of your comfort zone and you may feel like everything looks weird. An unbiased eye will be key in selection. Good luck, have fun, and thank you for supporting ATCT!!

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