Product Of The Week #14


*I apologize for the tardy post, this was due to release last Friday*

Being Rubber

THE TOP SELLER of Ego right now, Rubber is the must-have product. Literally, we cannot keep it on the shelf! (I went to sell it to my client today and it was gone!?!)
Your probably asking yourself, why is this product so popular?
The answer, my friend, is that Being Rubber gives the perfect combination of texture, shine and staying power. I could go down the list of every synthetic ingredients and tell you exactly what does what but that doesn’t really matter. And yes, I did say synthetic. I know all about the healthy product realm “sulfate-free, organic, essential oil based, no-paraben, vegan, not tested on animals” product trend. And I get it, the healthier the products, the healthier ours scalps and skin and the whole nine yards. BUT: There is something to be…

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