Product Of The Week #15



I’m not going to lie, this product confuses me! I almost never used it in my first round of Rusk because I didn’t know what to do with it. Is it a mousse? Is it a gel? Is it foam? What is it??????

Well, Rusk Round #2, I now love Blofoam! It might be because I now know how to use it correctly and not just wing it….. So many times people dismiss a product because it didn’t measure up but the truth is that they used it wrong. Sometimes professionals are guilty of that too so that is where I went wrong with Blofoam before. Not no more!

This uniquely designed texture foam is in fact a spray-on foundation product. The convenient nozzle lets you spray directly at the roots for the ultimate in a volumizing effect. Using big sections, part your hair with your fingers, spray the…

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