My wedding is so expensive! Can I cut corners on the hair?

Dear Reader

As much as I would like to say that a wedding is about the bride and the groom equally, that is not the case. The bride is the centerpiece of a wedding, and if you want to not only look averagely sub-par on the most important day of your life, but have this mediocrity immortalized forever in your probably very expensive pictures, then by all means- scrimp on the hair!

People will say “oh, it’s only one day of your life…….(insert bad advice here.)” This one day of your life has been in the planning for, on average, a year.  It will be photographed from beginning to end, and judging by what I spent on pictures for my wedding, it is a meaty portion of your budget. Why would you spend all that money on pictures and then look like a ragamuffin in them? It is true that your wedding is only one day, but those pictures are until death.

Wedding hair is more expensive than your average party updo. Wedding hair has to be absolutely flawless, zero flyaways photo ready, and needs to last through snow, sleet, hail, and dancing. Hugging, photos, heat and sweat, crying, more dancing, more hugging, negotiating the restroom stall in your dress, drinking, socializing, always moving always moving…….but the hair cannot. This takes time, preparation, skill, knowledge, and passion. Wedding hair is no thrown-to-the-side-ponytail. It is a solid work of art and function, and the feeling you will get when you look at those pictures in ten years should be a feeling of joyous remembrance, not a sag of I should have’s. So put on your big girl pants and pay for proper wedding day hair. Cut corners somewhere else. You don’t need 15 bridesmaids. Verla, your second cousin twice removed, does not need to be in the wedding. No matter what your Grandmother says.

Congratulations on your impending nuptials,


p.s- is your celery wobbly? Reconstitute it by immersing the stalks in a bowl of ice water until firm.


One thought on “My wedding is so expensive! Can I cut corners on the hair?

  1. Truth! By the end of the wedding your hair and dress have gone through a traumatic experience. They’ve been pulled and gotten sweaty, but you are still required to look glamorous at all times. You should put up some pics of wedding up-dos that you have done! Or if people have pics of what their hair looked like at the beginning and what it looked like at the end. The girls who wanted to save money will probably look like they just survived a tornado. Thank goodness Keara Frost gave me a intervention and told me the same advice you have given.

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