Can I pay for a superior haircut and then just go to a less expensive place and have them “follow” it?

Dear Readers-

I heard this comment at work last week, and have sat with it since then- “I go to the cheaper girl in between your haircuts and just have her follow it. But you have to fix it now.” My first instinct when I heard it was to rush to the defense of my boss and give his client a piece of my mind. But my decorum and comportment halted my hot Italian temper, and I have been mulling it over ever since.

On the one hand, I of course wonder how anyone could think this plan will work. If you go to someone you know will give you a superior haircut to anything else you get, why on earth would you knowingly get something inferior? It is a waste of money, you are never satisfied, and you never feel as good about how you look.

But on the other hand, I do see how people can think that all hair cutting is the same, and one stylist is just as good as another. There are sooooooooo many hairstylists out there it’s like an endless buffet of cuts and colors. Ads on television tell us that we can color our hair at home just as well as the professionals, so why not professional cuts? All beauty operators go to school, the cuts all look basically the same…….So I will cut this sector of the public some slack on this one. But you can tell the difference when the hair isn’t laying like it should, which is why you always return to get the better cut. I suggest budgeting out the better haircuts and lengthening the time in between appointments, so the money comes out the same. A great haircut will grow out better, so you can go longer in between trims. Grandma may say to stretch your dollar as far as you can, but As The Curl Turns believes in stretching a great haircut, and your self esteem, instead.



p.s- When you try to give your dog a pill, does he always eats the special food but spits out that darn pill? Put the pill in peanut butter instead of the lunchmeat or cheese. It is really sticky and they can’t spit out a thing.


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