My hairstylist doesn’t look…..well….like a hairstylist

Dear Reader

You seem a tad unsure how to present your concern, but I know exactly what you mean. There is an unwritten assumption that tattoo artists and hairstylists should look, well- cooler than the rest of us. If they look edgy and fun, they should be able to make the client look the same. It is an instant reassurance given at the moment of the first impression. After all, it is our job to keep up with the latest trends, so we need to be the trendy ones. I see the validity in this. You go to a new stylist and she looks like she (we will use the pronoun “she” just to save politically correct time) just rolled out of bed. More than likely you will be more nervous about what she can do for you if this is an example of what she can do for herself.

However- looks can be deceiving. A capable beauty operator may not look like you expect, but the fantastic service she gives you will more than make up for her appearance shortfalls. So if the haircut or color you received from this stylist was what you hoped for, pay more attention to how you look when you leave and less to her appearance. She may have had an unexpectedly harried morning just like yours.

Kind Regards,


p.s- Calcium stains deposited on your silverware? Pour a little white vinegar on the door of your dishwasher right before you close it for a cycle.


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