Product Of The Week #20



The Diffuser

Ok, a Diffuser isn’t a product necessarily BUT a Diffuser will change your life. And most people have zero clue about what id does or how it works. Luckily you have me to enlighten you!

A Diffuser is a blow dryer attachment that fits snuggly at the end of the nozzle. It looks like a weird disc that has prongs coming out. (“Oh, that’s what that is!” ) This strange design allows the heated air of the blow-dryer to come through and dry the hair without the forceful flow to cause frizz. Now, I should clarify that this drying method is just for you curly haired beauties. And even if you don’t think you have enough curl, it’s the perfect tool for anyone that has even the slightest amount of wave. I always hear “I never knew my hair could be this curly!”.

While the holes allow the…

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