I made a mistake and cut my own hair!

Dear Reader-

My my. Well, I have to say I don’t think there are very many of us out there that have not cut our own hair at one time or another. Most of the time the stories I hear (as well as my own story) are about bad bang trims, but I certainly have seen some horrific home jobbies in my time. The picture below is the extreme and I do not know this person, but I did have a young gentleman come in once with a shorter version of the same problem. His friend took a pair of kitchen Fiskars to his hair while extremely intoxicated at a party. Cutting ones own bangs is more common than anything else, and while it is not the most thrilling thing to hear, most often it is not a disaster.

But when it is…. as a client you must adhere to the advice of your stylist. The client I referenced above wanted me to save as much hair as possible, even though in some places the hair was cut off down to the scalp, in a kind of step formation. Blending that out was impossible, and an hour and a half later he left with a, granted, better haircut than when he came in, but still with uneven patches. It really needed to be shaved, period. Most of the time a botched haircut can be saved, but the recipient has to be willing to let some hair go, either in length, bulk or both, to achieve best results. Grandma will say to leave it to the pros, and As The Curl Turns thinks she is right.



p.s- Don’t mow your lawn in the same pattern every time. It can cause permanent grooves and the grass will lay flat. Try going the opposite way of the week before.


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