Do 2-in-1 shampoos work?

Dear Reader

You have brought up one of my largest pet peeves ever. To me the two-in-one shampoo ranks right up there with braces, bad manners, and curfew.

A modern miracle introduced in the 1980’s, in theory a 2-in-1 sounds great. It’s sooooo inconvenient to have 2 bottles in the shower (eye roll) so lets save precious space in the shower caddy, shall we? And all that time saved as well?! It’s takes soooooo much more time to run that conditioner through our locks, we positively drain the reservoirs with every shower. For you men, the 3-in-1 that claims to be shampoo, conditioner and a body wash all in one miracle potion must seem like something sent directly from our Lord and Savior. Dandruff? How about the 3-in-1 that treats, cleanses and conditions all in one step? Halleluja!

Not to be a stick in the spokes, but these products are anything but heaven sent. Shampoo cleanses, and is then designed to be rinsed out. Conditioner is akin to a lotion for your hair, and does not completely rinse  out. But in a 2-in-1 the cleanser is washing the conditioner right out, and nothing is left behind. How can this be conditioning? They need to be separate, period. Grandma may say kill two birds with one stone, but As The Curl Turns believes your hair will appreciate the extra time taken.



p.s- When your child’s stomach is upset, have them sip 7-Up from the can with a straw. The extra bubbles will settle them out.

p.p.s- Don’t forget As The Curl Turns is now on YouTube! asthecurlturns56


2 thoughts on “Do 2-in-1 shampoos work?

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