When is adding a hair accessory too much?

Dear Reader

As a devoted disciple of RuPaul’s Drag Race my first inclination is to say never. But I have replaced many an accessory on my own head when my first choice sat awry , so I know the opposite is true.

The key is balance. Balance in the hair, in the clothing, and in the overall look. I tend to feel that a hair accessory can razzmatazz most any outfit, but some just don’t call for it. Sweatpants for instance. If you are on your way to the store and you are in your very casual weekend wear, a flower can look misplaced. Nothing can spiffy up sweatpants. Especially rhinestones, but that is for another column. My only exception to this rule is children. Bows and things in a little girl’s hair is always adorable.

Jeans and a t-shirt to formal evening wear is a range that can support the addition of some hair bobbles, as long as the hairstyle can hold one. Hair down and straight has a hard time successfully holding on to anything with weight, so a clamped-in flower may start sliding around. The less ornate the hair the smaller the accessory should be. More proper affairs can afford either a larger piece or a larger number of smaller pieces, depending on how they are dispersed. I love to see small flowers or pearl pins spread over an updo. It always looks so elegant and fun. Chanel said to look in the mirror right before you leave the house and take one accessory off, and As The Curl Turns agrees.



p.s- speaking of RuPaul’s Drag Race, all my faves were robbed except Sharon Needles. I just loved her. But my girls Raven and Alaska were jipped to be sure.


One thought on “When is adding a hair accessory too much?

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