I am uncomfortable determining a “re-do”

Dear Reader-

Aren’t we all! No one wants to get the call that a client is dissatisfied. The mind races through that previous appointment, questions flying. Was my consultation thorough enough? Didn’t we look at the swatches? I thought they were happy when they left! Did I say A B and C?

If the client calls in a reasonable amount of time, say a week, and they want to come back in, it is prudent to have them come in as soon as you can. If they wait two or three weeks to call, that is approaching maintenance time, and the areas become more gray in determining whether or not it is actually a re-do. Discuss the problem with the client, down to the smallest detail, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you. You may have made a mistake. On the other hand, you may have given the client exactly what they asked for, but upon further reflection (or, more likely, a negative comment from someone they care about) they changed their minds. In that case you didn’t make a mistake, but either way a change needs to be made.

The tough part is discussing the monetary expense. My policy is a re-do that is my fault is done at no cost. A re-do that is needed because the client changed their mind is the slippery slope. Most honest people will insist that they pay you since you did what they initially wanted, and then it is totally up to you whether or not you charge them.  And if a significant time has past since the appointment and they are just now complaining, you can simply tell them that it is not a re-do any longer, and the normal service cost will apply. Grandma may say the customer is always right, but As The Curl Turns believes in a little wiggle room.

Warm Regards,


p.s- if you have loose nuts, nails, bolts etc. stored about the garage, save your baby food jars and store the pieces in that. They are the perfect size to separate out your stray hardware.


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