My hair won’t hold a curl when I try using a curling iron.

Dear Reader

I heard from a client on Saturday that she went to a salon to get her hair styled, and her hair didn’t hold the curl. They stylist blamed it on everything except her own incompetence. The layers in her hair, the texture……Lordy.

I do not contest that there are the rare few out there that have hair that defies all logic and won’t hold anything. But in this case, long, lustrous, naturally wavy hair will hold whatever you do to it. So, in order to have successful curling, follow these simple rules.

Rule 1- Use hairspray. This is a necessity when using your curling iron, so just deal with the fact that you want it “natural.” Too bad! Hairspray evaporates and leaves the hair dry and not weighed down. Hairspray is key!

Rule 2- Take a reasonably sized section of hair, maybe a dime size in diameter, and start curling in the middle of the section, midshaft. You need to warm up the hair in the middle or it will never curl.

Rule 3- Let it cool in the curled formation. So important!

Now that you have this in mind, begin. Take your dime size section and spray the whole thing with hairspray, keeping the can about 10 inches away. Be generous with the spray-not insane, but get it on there. Now take your iron and clamp it midshaft and turn it so you are warming the midsection and the top section, leaving the bottom out. Do not start at the bottom and roll up, or the bottom will heat but by the time the iron is to the midsection there is too much hair for the heat to get through. Slowly open and close the iron so it releases the hair a tad  while pulling the iron down the shaft, so you are now warming the bottom, and roll the curling iron all the way up. Now the whole section is hot and will hold so much better. Release the hair and clip in into place so it cools in this formation. Once the head is cooled use the tail of a rat tail comb to separate the curls, and spray again with hairspray. You will be successful if you have patience and follow these steps.



IMG_0453 resize

p.s- if you have trouble reaching the back zipper on your dress when you get dressed alone, hook a hairpin through it and use that extra length to grab the zipper and pull it up.


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