Cancellation and No Show Fees- An Expose

Dear Reader-

Fees can be one of the most tricky policies to enforce. Guilt, awkwardness, and apprehension are almost always involved, and instead of being a business action, the conversations can feel like a personal attack for both sides.

We recently had a customer question our cancellation policy, which is this- if you cancel an appointment inside 24 hours of your appointment, there is a $35.00 fee. If you no call no show, you will be charged the full amount of your appointment. These fees are standard in most service spas and salons, which is why they ask for a credit card number to hold the appointment. This is why- stylist‘s schedules are made by time slots allocated to a specific person for a specific service. If someone cancels last minute, it may be impossible to fill that space, and the stylist now not only has a gap in the day that could have been filled by someone else, but worse-they make no money during that time frame. For people who have salaried jobs, a cancelled meeting or conference call is of no detriment. But a stylist gets paid appointment by appointment, and our paycheck needs to have some sort of guarantee like everyone else. These fees should be applied to all or none, and certainly can be waived due to circumstance of course- everyone understands that things happen that are beyond our control. A straight forward conversation or notice about these fees will avert most showdowns, because everyone is aware of the policies. Grandma may say leniency will pave the way, but a stylist can’t afford to get anything paved if they don’t get paid.

Kindest Regards,


p.s- if you have cut yourself and a band-aid won’t work, try super glue. Clean the wound, pinch it closed, and paint on the glue.


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