The traffic jam known as……The Holiday Schedule

Dear Reader-

Everyone, no matter who you are- bus drivers, engineers, landscape architects, and the avon lady- are all busy during the holidays. Everyone has a schedule and it is bound to change. The ripple effect begins, and sometimes it waves out to your hairstylist.

Now, the holidays are a bum rush for a lot of salons because everyone wants to look like a fresh dandy for family and friends. Clients start booking out until the end of the year in September so that spots are secured and they don’t have to deal with the maylay of gamble scheduling two weeks before Christmas. But things happen and we understand that. Work is an unpredictable place, and meetings and travel can be called and cancelled on a dime. Unfortunately, that does not mean we can cancel, or create an appointment around those dimes, especially this time of year. So if you can’t make your scheduled appointment for some spur of the moment reason, you will probably have roots and long bangs for the holidays because we just can’t fit you in any other place. We would love to, because we don’t want you uncomfortable and not able to see! We want all your friends to worship your hair because you are our walking advertisement. But the holiday schedule can only accommodate so many appointment times. Grandma may say there is always room for one more, but As The Curl Turns knows we all only have two hands.

Merry Christmas,


p.s- when standing around the holiday hors d’oeuvres table, remember not to double dip!


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