New Years Resolutions- Take Chances, Drive Fast

Dear Reader-

When the new year rolls around it is inevitably time to take stock of ones life, and sometimes, to quote Grosse Pointe Blank, “leave your livestock alone.” But if you are ready for a change, chances are your stylist is ready for your change as well.

My client came in last week and our consultation started out rather slow. She thought she just wanted a trim, and she said she was uninspired, but she is always so open minded. She had been growing out her layers but now that she had had that for a while she was kind of ho-hum about it. So I sat with her and waited. This always gets them thinking. “Well, I did see a picture of this one haircut…..” and we were off to the races. So we cut her hair in a new fun layered cut. I was able to use a layering technique I don’t normally use to give her the disconnected cut she was describing, and she came out feeling pretty wild. Now she wants to buy a purple guitar. If your Grandma says a new hairstyle probably won’t change how you feel, she has never tuned in to As The Curl Turns.

All Merry For The New Year,


p.s-to disinfect a broken blister, dab on a few drops of Listerine. It may sting, but it is a very powerful antiseptic.


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