Perms- Rollerblading Down Memory Lane

Dear Reader-

Since the movie American Hustle came out in theatres, I have heard more and more talk about perms. Many women are reminiscing about the good old days of large and in charge poofy hair with huge wings and high mall bangs. I too look back upon these crunchy times with fondness. Who doesn’t see a can of Aqua Net and sigh a little?

But alas ladies, permanent waves went out of style for a reason. All that curl on the bottom and all that flat on top when your roots started to grow in. The smell. The not shampooing for two days after a fresh perm. The smell. And if we were all to be honest, they just never turned out the way we wanted. They were either too curly or too relaxed. No one ever got the “body wave” they really wanted. And we all remember someone who got a perm at home from some well meaning friend who didn’t saturate enough, and this left a piece just a bit wavy and flat in comparison to the rest. Perms are not the answer to “I want to add body when I straighten it.” Nor will they help with fine hair or flat hair. Chances are, that is in your ability to style it, and the time you take to do it. So stare away at those hazy Glamour Shots with a smile, but don’t re-create the moment. Grandma may say twice is nice, but As The Curl Turns believes that once is enough.

Kind Regards,


p.s-bread crumbs giving your dish the blahs? Try crumbling up Ritz crackers instead for some salty zest.


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