Why doesn’t the salon I go to offer coupons or discounts?

Dear Reader-

The coupon conversation has taken place in every language in every business on this globe. On one side of the match we have those who believe that initial savings will drive individuals in the door. Once the patron is wowed by the service they receive they will be back and more than happy to pay full price from then on. On the other side of this debate we have those that feel that a set price at the very beginning of a business relationship makes expectations very clear. Waters are not muddied by negotiations of pricing or perceived values of service. So who is right? Oh, if only it was that easy!

When it comes right down to it, money talks. Most people-not all, but most people will defer to their budget before they defer to their wants on a regular basis. Patrons that clip salon coupons and offers will most likely hop from one salon to the next that has an offer. Clients that patronize a salon that does not offer any promotional coupons or discounts are more likely to be the solid, re-booking clientele that salon is aiming for. The clients know the pricing up front and know whether or not they can afford it. So while you might receive some initial cash business from a promotional offer, it may not be the kind of long term business your salon is hoping to retain. Grandma may say a penny saved is a penny earned, and As The Curl Turns agrees, as long as it truly is what is best for your business.



p.s-Looking for something more exciting than a celery stalk to put in your next Bloody Mary? Try a spicy pickled asparagus spear instead.


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