I am so frustrated, why can’t I style my new haircut?

Dear Reader-

There are a multitude of reasons you may be feeling frustrated with your new hairstyle. I certainly hope it is not because you have a horrible haircut that is impossible to style properly! Let’s look at some more probable, positive alternatives.

Styling aides-It is possible you are using the wrong styling products. If your new haircut is dramatically different, you may be trying to style this updated look the way you are used to styling your old hairdo. You may need a different product, one that is more suited to a shorter shape, or a straight look. Take a look at the hairstyle you have now, and choose your product accordingly. You may need to do a little shopping.

Tools- It is also possible your styling tool is inappropriate. If you are trying to straighten your hair with a larger brush and it is not working, you may not be getting the grab and pull you once were. If you now have layers and you want more body and volume, you may want to look at some round brush options. The way you blowdry will also change depending on your new goals. Your stylist will point you in the right direction. Grandma may say keep calm, there is nothing a cupcake can’t solve. As The Curl Turns would never disagree with this golden logic.

Warmest Regards-


p.s-Limescale in your toilet can be cleaned with a liter of Coke. Pour half in and let it sit for an hour. Flush and repeat. Some of the limescale buildup should be dissolved by the phosphoric acid in the Coke.


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