I want fun hair, but not too edgy or wild…but really fun!

Dear Reader-

This can absolutely be achieved. Hair can have pizzazz and razzmatazz without being over the top outrageous. Here are some ways to spruce up your ‘do without scaring the children.

Bolder Color Placement– Not all highlights have to be skinny diffused pieces. Try bigger panels of color around your face. How big you ask? Something in the middle of natural and a skunk.

Brighter All Over Color– Lighten your existing blonde, add some gold or copper to your light brown, or a splash of mahogany if you are a darker brunette.

Slight Asymmetry– Asymmetry can be achieved in the layering of a haircut while the length stays even. This adds visual interest to the overall look without being too crazy.

Dropped Out Pieces– A longer, heavier bang area in a shorter haircut can be fun. Also, two longer disconnected pieces in the front of an A-Line haircut instead of a blended line from back to front can also be a modern version of this classic shape.

Extra Texture With More Product– Try styling your haircut differently with a more aggressive paste or styling cream. This will give you a different texture and a fun, more piecey look.

Anyone can have fun without being the source of laughter among the PTA. Unless you have really earned it. Then we hope there is tasteful video.

Best Wishes For A Wonderful Easter,


p.s- Drying freshly washed decanters can be a pain. Tightly roll a paper towel and insert it three quarters of the way down the neck. It will absorb the moisture.


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