Why Doesn’t My Husband/Boyfriend Care About His Hair?!

Dear Reader-

I have often wondered if men were an underserved portion of our daily clientelle. When you get right down to it, they certainly shouldn’t be, as men’s haircutting is stereotypically more challenging. Straight-as-an-arrow necklines, perfectly blended fades, every mistake noticeable….. anyone who is charging less for a men’s haircut is doing themselves a disservice. But are men really seen but not heard?

Male clients generally fall into two categories- the ones who care and the ones who don’t.  The men who care are the ones that blowdry, use the proper product including conditioner (yes men, you need conditioner too.) They take the extra time in the morning to make sure their hair is worth the money they spent at the salon or well-trained barber. They would never consider going to get a “cheap” haircut. They spend a little bit of money and they are proud to say it.

Then there are the ones who don’t care. They will get their hair cut at whatever place can take them soonest, as long as it is under $10.00. They don’t need a stylists advice because they don’t style their hair. They wash it and walk out of the house. The fifteen minute random barber cut suits them just fine, as long as it is off their ears and neck they are happy. This man has other priorities, and there is probably a woman in his life that feels just like you do, my dear reader.

The solution? The rare man can change his mind about styling. He may come to see the value in using a blowdryer or extra product. But chances are, the man who doesn’t care will continue down this path, not to be swayed.You can send him to the salon you patronize and pay for his haircut, but this only works if you do not share finances. You may have to accept the fact that you two will not agree on this subject, or agree to disagree, as Grandma always says. As The Curl Turns wishes you the best.



p.s- Don’t forget to oil those kitchen wood cutting boards once a month. They can dry out and eventually crack. Mineral oil is fine.


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