I Have So Many Products In My Drawer That I Don’t Use…..Help!

Dear Reader-

Welcome. As a typical woman, you have joined the club of the many, the proud-the Hoarders of Product. You impulse buy, you try, you don’t like it, but you don’t throw it away…..that seems like a waste! So it joins the ever growing pile of jars and pucks under the sink, a vast wasteland of crushed hopes and dashed promises.

How do you avoid wasting more money and valuable storage space? Step One-Purge. Since you are not going to use it, toss it. There is no maybe in this equation. In the garbage it goes. I, of all people, realize how difficult this may be. My great grandparents lived through the Depression, and I saw how this impacted the rest of their lives. Next, talk to a professional hairstylist. Let them guide you down the path to the right products for your hair. There should only be a few. Once that is accomplished you will not only have better hair, but more space. Grandma may say two birds one stone, and As The Curl Turns agrees.

Happy Spring Cleaning!


p.s.- Soaking candles in cool salt water will prevent them from dripping.


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