V For Victory! My Very Own Victory Garden Sign

Dear Reader-

Since so many things were rationed during World War 2, Americans planted “Victory Gardens” as an easier food source, and as a way to support the war effort on the homefront. By the end of the war it was estimated that 20 million gardens had been planted. These gardens were a huge source of positive propaganda-


I just love this sign, so I used it for my inspiration. In the spirit of Make Do And Mend, I decided to make my own sign for our victory garden, using only what we had here at the house. Hubs had a perfect sized piece of plywood that he donated to the cause.

It was filthy.


It needed to be sanded because it was a bit bristly.


I used the circular sander first for the top and bottom, but used a hand sander for the sides.


Then it needed to be primed.


I freehand stenciled part of the design onto the painted surface, but that didn’t really work out…….I had to paint over it.


I stenciled the V and then used blue painters tape, there was no way I was taking a chance free-handing that!


It took several coats of paint to make the colors opaque, but it was worth it! I used a clear spray paint shellac to protect it from the elements.

It dried with our gnome.


We found a broom handle that we had saved (hoarders!) and used it as a stake. I attached a wall mounted broomholder clamp thingy (technical!) to the back of the sign to attach the stake. It slid a little so there is also a high tech rubber band in there as you can see. I learned this handy dandy trick when my shower caddy slid down the shower head without a rubber stopper.


My victory garden is complete!


Kindest Regards,

Erin Lopez, of As The Curl Turns



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