Ombré Color-Right vs. Wrong (one stylists opinion)

Dear Reader-

I was purchasing strawberries at the market the other day to make jam (my next blog post!) As I was waiting in line I couldn’t help but stare at the young woman in line in front of me. She had an Ombre color, but it was so close to her scalp it looked like really bad roots. But I knew it wasn’t because it was not even enough to be outgrowth. I thought this fad had passed! Ombre has become so beautiful as it has progressed to a more paint dipped, subtle color fade. But no, someone out there gave this poor girl big bad dark roots! On purpose!

Now, Ombre can be gorgeous. A waterfall of dark to light color falling down a head of hair, oh my. Heaven! But the dark portion needs to be long. The area from the scalp down needs to be at least 5 inches and unevenly distributed into the lighter color. It should be ever so gently feathered in. Otherwise what does it look like? Yes, roots. And no one wants that. Grandma may say natural is better, but As The Curl Turns believes that artificial is just as good as long as it is done right.



p.s- if you have a varnished surface, try cleaning it with a cloth dipped in weak tea.


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