I’ve Cut My Hair Off………So Now What?

Dear Reader-

Well! To quote my dear Grandma, now everything!

First of all, congratulations. You have made a decision and stuck to your guns, as they say. You went in and said “I want to cut it off!” and you meant it. But now that it is actually all gone, you have to move on the next step. The Now What.

It may take you longer to style it now that you can’t just throw it up in a ponytail. This is not a bad thing mind you, just different. You will now be forced to experiment with different twists and curls, maybe break out your diffuser if your hair is wavy/curly. Test a wax or pomade for a spiky effect if you have really lobbed it off, or a new way to work your bobby pins if you went for more of a classic bob shape. Any way you cut it (pun intended) it will take some thought and research on your part to get your new look gong in the right direction. You may not be satisfied with just buying a flat iron and calling it a day. ATCT certainly hopes this is the case. We love a good experiment gone beautiful.

Good luck!


p.s-September is Stephen King month on Encore. Stand By Me, Christine…..Classics!


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