“Just As Long As It’s Cute”

Dear Reader-

I hear this often at the beauty parlour, and I must say- it makes me giggle a little inside. It is a perfectly natural thing for a client to say of course, they want their hair cute. But the obviousness of the statement sometimes makes me smile a bit wryly. I am in the beauty industry. This is code for the “cute” industry. If I do not make you beautiful, if you leave my chair and you don’t have something cute, I need to change jobs. If I want to give you something ugly, I am a sadist and I need to change jobs. Maybe to something involving patent leather or latex. I digress.

The point is this-cute is the way of the gun. It is the goal of us all, so I will ask you for more details about what you want. You may not know, hence the “cute.” What is that to you? Length, layers, curl, styling, perky ponytails, let’s discuss it all. We will discuss what you don’t like as well, it is all with the same end result in mind. Grandma says babies are cute, women are beautiful. As The Curl Turns absolutely agrees.

Happy Turkey-


p.s-not a turkey fan? There is no rule that says you have to take some when it comes around the table. Make it a Thanksgiving of your favorite sides instead.


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