Pumpkin Pie Hair Accessory, DIY

Dear Reader-

I have been asked many times about my unconventional hair accessories. The coffin, the vegetables, the party umbrellas….how did I make them? So when I went to start my latest project, pumpkin pie, I took notes.

The idea came from one of my clients, as we were discussing what food (fake food that is) I could use for my Thanksgiving accessory. I couldn’t find a fake turkey leg to save my life, so my client said “hey, pumpkin pie!” Oh yes.

Two types of felt, a pie tin, craft foam, fake whipped cream, (thanks to Etsy) and I am on my way.


Now for the “crust.” I cut the edges wavy and glued it to the pie tin as if I had laid in an actual crust. I then added the foam inside.


Now to add the “pumpkin” overlay.


Can’t forget the whipped cream! Just a few dollops.


Now the hard part- how to attach it to my hair??? My usual duckbill clip won’t work because the bottom of the pie tin is totally flat. It will be lifted on that side if I use one of these.


So I decide to go just with bobby pins, which is as flat as I can get.


Done! In and secure.




Eat dessert first,




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