Do Or Dye Salon-It’s Open and It’s Ours!

Dear Reader-

I am proud to announce that we have finally opened our salon in San Jose, CA! After ten long months of permits this and delays that we are open for business and loving our new home.

Opening your own business is not for the faint of heart. My dad owned his own dog grooming shop for 45 years, so I have seen it done successfully. But when it is your own, it is so much more intimidating! He made it look easy, but that is probably because I came along long after he had opened, so all the growing pains were over. I have anticipations about no longer having a professional buffer. I have always worked in someone else’s salon. Even when I became a renter and the salon owner had no claims on me, he was still a barrier between me and the mean business world. Now there is no one but me. Yikes!

Lucky for me I am allowed to go to work with two of the best hairstylists I know. Talented, intelligent, hard-working, creative and ethical, I am more than proud to struggle and conquer with these women. This triangle is strong and I know I can lean on them, and they on me, whenever one of us gets nervy or needs a hand. It is my honor.

So if you are in the Bay Area and looking for an exceptional salon, Do Or Dye is your beauty parlor.


Warmest Regards-

As The Curl Turns

p.s- drawers sticking? Try rubbing bar soap along the rims. Works like a charmimage


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