VIDEO TIME! Teasing Your Hair

Dear Readers-

We have all ratted our hair and then “smoothed it out” only to find it has all come out and is totally flat! Tune in to this video for the tips and tricks of bigass hair.

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Blowdry Battle Royale-Round Brush vs. Paddle Brush

Dear Reader

In this corner, we have the adamant majority, the dye-hard (double entendre anyone?) to the death round brush users. And in that corner, we have the smooth talkers, the sleek loving, glassy no-bend paddle brush users. Who will come out victorious? It’s a tie.

I use both. I was taught to use a round brush in school, and at the first salon I worked for. When I came here to Ego Mechanix, I was taught the Rusk method of blowdrying, which is almost exclusively paddle or vent brush. The owner of the salon is no round brush fan. As a matter of fact, whenever I see him using one, I rush over and take a picture because I am so excited. Not to mention, it just peeves him to no end. I love a good, big, round brush blowout. I use one for “Date Hair.” Men love that Victoria’s Secret big hair. The bend, looseness, the height, the fullness, the second day texture- it’s all so good!

But in the other hand, I have a paddle brush. When used properly, volume, looseness and texture will all be easily achieved. And let me tell you, the smoothness through the ends and the shine cannot be beat. With a paddle brush there are less flyaways and you can blow hair straight to the point the customer won’t need to use a flat iron. Gorgeous!

So don’t limit yourself, they both have their place. For most beauty operators it is like Coke and Pepsi. Most have their preference. Coke.

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p.s- Rub the scratched wood surface with the cut surface of either a walnut or a brazil nut. It will cover the scratches.