VIDEO TIME! Seasonal Hair Color

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Blonde in the summer, dark in the winter are we? If you like to transition your hair color according to the season, this video is for you. Hair safety is our number one priority, and we tell you here how to achieve your best results.

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VIDEO TIME! Swimming With Hair Color!

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Keeping hair color fresh and vibrant over the summer can be a tricky business. Vacations, swim camp… there are so many elements that can fade your hair color. Check out this video for our tips and tricks on how to help your color during these trying times.


As The Curl Turns

p.s- hard water stains? Try dipping the item in white vinegar.

Beauty School Dropout- Episode 5

It’s time to bust some myths while ripping some bodices! Marco and Lenora’s odyssey continues while we tackle some real issues. Issue Number 1-¬†soaking your hair with lemon will bleach your hair blonde.

They had been on the road for hours, but it seemed like a millenium. Lenora’s feet were killing her and Marco was breathing hard, his rippled chest heaving like a racing stallion bucking for the finish line. “We need to stop and rest. Just 5 minutes,” Lenora pleaded. Marco looked back at her and frowned. “Daylight will be upon us soon. We need to keep going. We need to be as far as possible when they discover you are really gone and they send out the dogs.” Lenora dropped her bag, collapsed on the grass and shook her head. She knew he was right, but she was so tired she didn’t think she could walk another inch. Marco looked at her for a moment and conceded. He sat down and gathered Lenora in his strong arms. Lenora leaned into him and heard his heart rate slow. She looked up at him and pushed a lock of brown hair out of his eyes for the thousandth time. His face was so familiar to her it was as if she had always looked only at him. His image was burned on her brain, seared on her corneas. He was the very air she breathed, and if they were to ever part, she just knew she would suffocate and die on the spot. “We need to do something to disguise ourselves, so we can get married in the first town we come to. But your hair is so dark and mine is so fair, we will stick out like a sore thumb.” Marco smiled. “I have already thought of that my love. We will raid the first lemon grove we come to. Dousing my dark hair with lemon juice will bleach it blonde.”

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Myth- soaking your dark hair with lemon juice will bleach it blonde.

Fact- unless you have really light hair naturally, lemon juice will not turn your hair blonde. If you are already blonde you may see a slight variance in the color, but the chances of your dark hair being affected are slim.