A New Year’s Resolution Kept!

Dear Reader-

Glamour Up! was my New Year’s Resolution advice for 2015. Even if it is only once a month for something nondescript. I wanted you all to know that I take my own advice and try to walk the walk as much s possible. I attend Bingo at the local Elks lodge once a month, and I utilize this opportunity to gussy up once in a while. I went last night and I wore vintage mink and heels. Yes, I said mink. I was definitely the most overdressed person there by far, and I will tell you this, my dear readers. I was the best dressed one there as well.

So- even if you feel a bit self conscious about being over dressed, let me say this: you will clearly be the better looking of all your peers, so who cares?! Grandma always said there is an outfit for every occasion, but As The Curl Turns believes there is a better version of that outfit to be had as well.




p.s- Is your dog’s stomach on the fritz? Try a plain baked potato.


Christmas Tree Hair Accessory-DIY

Dear Reader-

This hair accessory, like some of my others, is not for the faint of heart. You will be wearing a Christmas tree in your hair. Literally. If you are ok with that, then let’s get started!

First, I had to find a tree small enough. What an odyssey that was. Of course manufacturers of these little hobby trees are making them for home display, or office holiday cheer. Not hair. So I bought the smallest one I could possibly find, and disassembled it. It had a cement stand!


Then I had to use wire cutters to dismember the poor thing. It was far too heavy. I needed fewer limbs and a flat back so I could lay it on some felt, and ultimately, on my head.. It took two different types of wire cutters to get through this bad boy! It needed to be thinned out, A LOT.


Once that was done, I could start decorating. First to be added were the ornaments. I tied them on, one by one, strategically placed.


Then came the lights. I couldn’t find dollhouse lights that had a battery pack light enough for my hair to support the weight, so unfortunately, they don’t actually light up. Disappointment.


And what is a tree without gifts? I laid the tree to the felt and glued the gifts onto the felt and the bottom of the tree.


Cut the felt, add the duckbill hair clip, and it’s done! I could not find a small enough angel for the top, another item for the search- along with working lights. Now you have to decide how you will wear your hair to best accent (and support) your newest accessory.


Now, be prepared to take a bit of blowback from your friends and passerby. You are after all, taking a fashion chance by wearing this piece of glory. Others of a lesser station may feel the need to say something snippy about your choice of accoutrement. Just tell this riffraff that you love your style and will never compromise. Period.

Merry Christmas Crafties!


p.s- don’t forget to at least tidy up your living room before leaving the house this holiday season. You never know who may be dropping by with good tidings.

“Just As Long As It’s Cute”

Dear Reader-

I hear this often at the beauty parlour, and I must say- it makes me giggle a little inside. It is a perfectly natural thing for a client to say of course, they want their hair cute. But the obviousness of the statement sometimes makes me smile a bit wryly. I am in the beauty industry. This is code for the “cute” industry. If I do not make you beautiful, if you leave my chair and you don’t have something cute, I need to change jobs. If I want to give you something ugly, I am a sadist and I need to change jobs. Maybe to something involving patent leather or latex. I digress.

The point is this-cute is the way of the gun. It is the goal of us all, so I will ask you for more details about what you want. You may not know, hence the “cute.” What is that to you? Length, layers, curl, styling, perky ponytails, let’s discuss it all. We will discuss what you don’t like as well, it is all with the same end result in mind. Grandma says babies are cute, women are beautiful. As The Curl Turns absolutely agrees.

Happy Turkey-


p.s-not a turkey fan? There is no rule that says you have to take some when it comes around the table. Make it a Thanksgiving of your favorite sides instead.

I’ve Cut My Hair Off………So Now What?

Dear Reader-

Well! To quote my dear Grandma, now everything!

First of all, congratulations. You have made a decision and stuck to your guns, as they say. You went in and said “I want to cut it off!” and you meant it. But now that it is actually all gone, you have to move on the next step. The Now What.

It may take you longer to style it now that you can’t just throw it up in a ponytail. This is not a bad thing mind you, just different. You will now be forced to experiment with different twists and curls, maybe break out your diffuser if your hair is wavy/curly. Test a wax or pomade for a spiky effect if you have really lobbed it off, or a new way to work your bobby pins if you went for more of a classic bob shape. Any way you cut it (pun intended) it will take some thought and research on your part to get your new look gong in the right direction. You may not be satisfied with just buying a flat iron and calling it a day. ATCT certainly hopes this is the case. We love a good experiment gone beautiful.

Good luck!


p.s-September is Stephen King month on Encore. Stand By Me, Christine…..Classics!

Perms- Rollerblading Down Memory Lane

Dear Reader-

Since the movie American Hustle came out in theatres, I have heard more and more talk about perms. Many women are reminiscing about the good old days of large and in charge poofy hair with huge wings and high mall bangs. I too look back upon these crunchy times with fondness. Who doesn’t see a can of Aqua Net and sigh a little?

But alas ladies, permanent waves went out of style for a reason. All that curl on the bottom and all that flat on top when your roots started to grow in. The smell. The not shampooing for two days after a fresh perm. The smell. And if we were all to be honest, they just never turned out the way we wanted. They were either too curly or too relaxed. No one ever got the “body wave” they really wanted. And we all remember someone who got a perm at home from some well meaning friend who didn’t saturate enough, and this left a piece just a bit wavy and flat in comparison to the rest. Perms are not the answer to “I want to add body when I straighten it.” Nor will they help with fine hair or flat hair. Chances are, that is in your ability to style it, and the time you take to do it. So stare away at those hazy Glamour Shots with a smile, but don’t re-create the moment. Grandma may say twice is nice, but As The Curl Turns believes that once is enough.

Kind Regards,


p.s-bread crumbs giving your dish the blahs? Try crumbling up Ritz crackers instead for some salty zest.

Cancellation and No Show Fees- An Expose

Dear Reader-

Fees can be one of the most tricky policies to enforce. Guilt, awkwardness, and apprehension are almost always involved, and instead of being a business action, the conversations can feel like a personal attack for both sides.

We recently had a customer question our cancellation policy, which is this- if you cancel an appointment inside 24 hours of your appointment, there is a $35.00 fee. If you no call no show, you will be charged the full amount of your appointment. These fees are standard in most service spas and salons, which is why they ask for a credit card number to hold the appointment. This is why- stylist‘s schedules are made by time slots allocated to a specific person for a specific service. If someone cancels last minute, it may be impossible to fill that space, and the stylist now not only has a gap in the day that could have been filled by someone else, but worse-they make no money during that time frame. For people who have salaried jobs, a cancelled meeting or conference call is of no detriment. But a stylist gets paid appointment by appointment, and our paycheck needs to have some sort of guarantee like everyone else. These fees should be applied to all or none, and certainly can be waived due to circumstance of course- everyone understands that things happen that are beyond our control. A straight forward conversation or notice about these fees will avert most showdowns, because everyone is aware of the policies. Grandma may say leniency will pave the way, but a stylist can’t afford to get anything paved if they don’t get paid.

Kindest Regards,


p.s- if you have cut yourself and a band-aid won’t work, try super glue. Clean the wound, pinch it closed, and paint on the glue.

My hair won’t hold a curl when I try using a curling iron.

Dear Reader

I heard from a client on Saturday that she went to a salon to get her hair styled, and her hair didn’t hold the curl. They stylist blamed it on everything except her own incompetence. The layers in her hair, the texture……Lordy.

I do not contest that there are the rare few out there that have hair that defies all logic and won’t hold anything. But in this case, long, lustrous, naturally wavy hair will hold whatever you do to it. So, in order to have successful curling, follow these simple rules.

Rule 1- Use hairspray. This is a necessity when using your curling iron, so just deal with the fact that you want it “natural.” Too bad! Hairspray evaporates and leaves the hair dry and not weighed down. Hairspray is key!

Rule 2- Take a reasonably sized section of hair, maybe a dime size in diameter, and start curling in the middle of the section, midshaft. You need to warm up the hair in the middle or it will never curl.

Rule 3- Let it cool in the curled formation. So important!

Now that you have this in mind, begin. Take your dime size section and spray the whole thing with hairspray, keeping the can about 10 inches away. Be generous with the spray-not insane, but get it on there. Now take your iron and clamp it midshaft and turn it so you are warming the midsection and the top section, leaving the bottom out. Do not start at the bottom and roll up, or the bottom will heat but by the time the iron is to the midsection there is too much hair for the heat to get through. Slowly open and close the iron so it releases the hair a tad  while pulling the iron down the shaft, so you are now warming the bottom, and roll the curling iron all the way up. Now the whole section is hot and will hold so much better. Release the hair and clip in into place so it cools in this formation. Once the head is cooled use the tail of a rat tail comb to separate the curls, and spray again with hairspray. You will be successful if you have patience and follow these steps.



IMG_0453 resize

p.s- if you have trouble reaching the back zipper on your dress when you get dressed alone, hook a hairpin through it and use that extra length to grab the zipper and pull it up.