VIDEO TIME! Going Gray Gracefully

Dear Reader-

Aging gracefully? Let’s do it! We’re dishing out advice about transitioning from artificial hair color to your natural gray.


As The Curl Turns


A New Year’s Resolution Kept!

Dear Reader-

Glamour Up! was my New Year’s Resolution advice for 2015. Even if it is only once a month for something nondescript. I wanted you all to know that I take my own advice and try to walk the walk as much s possible. I attend Bingo at the local Elks lodge once a month, and I utilize this opportunity to gussy up once in a while. I went last night and I wore vintage mink and heels. Yes, I said mink. I was definitely the most overdressed person there by far, and I will tell you this, my dear readers. I was the best dressed one there as well.

So- even if you feel a bit self conscious about being over dressed, let me say this: you will clearly be the better looking of all your peers, so who cares?! Grandma always said there is an outfit for every occasion, but As The Curl Turns believes there is a better version of that outfit to be had as well.




p.s- Is your dog’s stomach on the fritz? Try a plain baked potato.

Really Warm Blondes….Tsk Tsk Hairdressers!

Dear Reader-

I was in a waiting room the other day when I was passed by a lovely woman with the most dismaying shade of unnaturally warm blonde hair. Please do not misunderstand I love unnatural shades of hair. I myself sport an ode to Cruella Deville. But bad warm blondes just rub me the wrong way. Especially the very brassy ones. This particular young lady happened to be of Hispanic descent, which means a thicker hair shaft, which means notoriously harder to get light blonde, which means orange/yellow/gold warm blonde when not handled correctly. Handled correctly how you might ask? I’m so glad you did!

1- Realistic Expectations- If your client is clearly not going to get to a nice ashy blonde, or a pretty golden blonde, TELL THEM THAT. Let’s be honest- certain hair textures are clearly harder than others to lift. It may take more than one visit to get your Asian, Italian (me!) or Hispanic client platinum.

2- Toner- Please tone your clients! I do not understand the mentality of not toning bleach blonde clients. Bleach can’t do it all. If our client is yellow or brassy, tone them! Lordy.

3- Highlight- Instead of an all over uncontrolled bleach that may turn out who knows how awful, try highlighting in multiple visits to slowly get them blonde. The hair will be healthier and lighter, and those brassy warm tones won’t be as much of an issue.

Grandma may say look on the sunny side, but As The Curl Turns believes the cooler side is sometimes best.



p.s.- the secret to a great dip? Mix the dip the night before the party. It gives the dry soup mix time to hydrate and absorb into the rest of the creamy ingredients.

Christmas Tree Hair Accessory-DIY

Dear Reader-

This hair accessory, like some of my others, is not for the faint of heart. You will be wearing a Christmas tree in your hair. Literally. If you are ok with that, then let’s get started!

First, I had to find a tree small enough. What an odyssey that was. Of course manufacturers of these little hobby trees are making them for home display, or office holiday cheer. Not hair. So I bought the smallest one I could possibly find, and disassembled it. It had a cement stand!


Then I had to use wire cutters to dismember the poor thing. It was far too heavy. I needed fewer limbs and a flat back so I could lay it on some felt, and ultimately, on my head.. It took two different types of wire cutters to get through this bad boy! It needed to be thinned out, A LOT.


Once that was done, I could start decorating. First to be added were the ornaments. I tied them on, one by one, strategically placed.


Then came the lights. I couldn’t find dollhouse lights that had a battery pack light enough for my hair to support the weight, so unfortunately, they don’t actually light up. Disappointment.


And what is a tree without gifts? I laid the tree to the felt and glued the gifts onto the felt and the bottom of the tree.


Cut the felt, add the duckbill hair clip, and it’s done! I could not find a small enough angel for the top, another item for the search- along with working lights. Now you have to decide how you will wear your hair to best accent (and support) your newest accessory.


Now, be prepared to take a bit of blowback from your friends and passerby. You are after all, taking a fashion chance by wearing this piece of glory. Others of a lesser station may feel the need to say something snippy about your choice of accoutrement. Just tell this riffraff that you love your style and will never compromise. Period.

Merry Christmas Crafties!


p.s- don’t forget to at least tidy up your living room before leaving the house this holiday season. You never know who may be dropping by with good tidings.

VIDEO TIME! Rosie The Riveter Bandana-Tie it!

Dear Reader-

Tying a Rosie bandana can be tricky, and keeping it on can be even trickier. Tune in to see how to keep one on all day.



VIDEO TIME! Volume Shampoo, Making It Work For You

Dear Reader-

If you are finding that your shampoo isn’t getting the job done, it may not be the shampoo’s fault. It may be how it is being used.

Kind Regards,