VIDEO TIME! Princess Hair For Halloween!

Dear Reader-

Halloween is almost here! If your child wants to be a princess this year, or any day for that matter, this is the video for you! Princes bun? Check. Princess bun with braid? Check. Elsa/Anna braid? Check. Goofy hairstylists doling out hair advice? Check.

Best Regards,

As The Curl Turns

p.s-  If you want to make some Halloween baked goods but don’t want all that butter, try substituting applesauce for the butter.


VIDEO TIME! Halloween Spray-On Temporary Hair Color

Dear Reader-

Its video time! Halloween hair color is something we get asked a lot about. We tested three colors to see what is what!

Warmest Regards,


p.s- want those jack-o-lanterns to last? Carve them just a coupe of days before, they are extremely perishable!