VIDEO TIME! Swimming With Hair Color!

Dear Reader-

Keeping hair color fresh and vibrant over the summer can be a tricky business. Vacations, swim camp… there are so many elements that can fade your hair color. Check out this video for our tips and tricks on how to help your color during these trying times.


As The Curl Turns

p.s- hard water stains? Try dipping the item in white vinegar.


VIDEO TIME! Going Gray Gracefully

Dear Reader-

Aging gracefully? Let’s do it! We’re dishing out advice about transitioning from artificial hair color to your natural gray.


As The Curl Turns

Canning Homemade Strawberry Jam

Dear Reader-

As one starts to pickle, she begins to feel more brazen about canning. Maybe death isn’t imminent from ptomain poisoning. Maybe I can do this! What else can I try?

For me the next step was jam. Hubs grandmother has given us her jam before, and it is always so tasty. I find an age old recipe for strawberry jam that is not too intimidating, where else? The Farmers Almanac! We grow a small crop of strawberries in our Victory Garden, so the first step is to harvest what I can, and I purchase the rest.

These lilliputian strawberries are my favorite. What they lack in size they make up for in cuteness and perfect shape.


They need to be hulled and mashed. I have a lot of old kitchen utensils that I love to use. That is actually an old potato masher. Thanks Mom!


Next we mix in the sugar and cook the fruit mixture. Mmmmm, healthy!


Now we use all the canning equipment and other ingredients. This includes the most essential piece-the beer. This does not go into the jam. This goes into my mouth.


We have been sterilizing the jars to prevent death. This is the new jar grabber that came with my canning kit.


This is my old one. It was a promotional item given away by the garage Bertone and Bowen, complete car service. Fun stuff, right?


Now the fruit is cooked, the jars are sterilized, and it is time to rush the concoction into the jars and the jars into the canning bath for 10 minutes before they become contaminated by some sort of deadly virus. Man, those canning people sure scare you when it comes to sterilizing! I’m all about it, but the Black Plague part scares the you-know-what out of me!


Now it cools and you anxiously await the POP! I anxiously await 5 POPS! actually. The wait is long, as this fruit is incredibly hot!


I steal a canning label from a World War 2 propaganda poster about canning and make it my own. After 60 years isn’t it public domain anyway? And voila! Jam!


Making jam was kind of like making pickles or dilly beans. Sterilizing, cooking for 10 minutes, cooling…….now that I have the hang of it, who knows?



p.s- if your jam is a little runny, add a bit of Sure Jell next time.


I Have So Many Products In My Drawer That I Don’t Use…..Help!

Dear Reader-

Welcome. As a typical woman, you have joined the club of the many, the proud-the Hoarders of Product. You impulse buy, you try, you don’t like it, but you don’t throw it away…..that seems like a waste! So it joins the ever growing pile of jars and pucks under the sink, a vast wasteland of crushed hopes and dashed promises.

How do you avoid wasting more money and valuable storage space? Step One-Purge. Since you are not going to use it, toss it. There is no maybe in this equation. In the garbage it goes. I, of all people, realize how difficult this may be. My great grandparents lived through the Depression, and I saw how this impacted the rest of their lives. Next, talk to a professional hairstylist. Let them guide you down the path to the right products for your hair. There should only be a few. Once that is accomplished you will not only have better hair, but more space. Grandma may say two birds one stone, and As The Curl Turns agrees.

Happy Spring Cleaning!


p.s.- Soaking candles in cool salt water will prevent them from dripping.

Why doesn’t the salon I go to offer coupons or discounts?

Dear Reader-

The coupon conversation has taken place in every language in every business on this globe. On one side of the match we have those who believe that initial savings will drive individuals in the door. Once the patron is wowed by the service they receive they will be back and more than happy to pay full price from then on. On the other side of this debate we have those that feel that a set price at the very beginning of a business relationship makes expectations very clear. Waters are not muddied by negotiations of pricing or perceived values of service. So who is right? Oh, if only it was that easy!

When it comes right down to it, money talks. Most people-not all, but most people will defer to their budget before they defer to their wants on a regular basis. Patrons that clip salon coupons and offers will most likely hop from one salon to the next that has an offer. Clients that patronize a salon that does not offer any promotional coupons or discounts are more likely to be the solid, re-booking clientele that salon is aiming for. The clients know the pricing up front and know whether or not they can afford it. So while you might receive some initial cash business from a promotional offer, it may not be the kind of long term business your salon is hoping to retain. Grandma may say a penny saved is a penny earned, and As The Curl Turns agrees, as long as it truly is what is best for your business.



p.s-Looking for something more exciting than a celery stalk to put in your next Bloody Mary? Try a spicy pickled asparagus spear instead.

My hair won’t hold a curl when I try using a curling iron.

Dear Reader

I heard from a client on Saturday that she went to a salon to get her hair styled, and her hair didn’t hold the curl. They stylist blamed it on everything except her own incompetence. The layers in her hair, the texture……Lordy.

I do not contest that there are the rare few out there that have hair that defies all logic and won’t hold anything. But in this case, long, lustrous, naturally wavy hair will hold whatever you do to it. So, in order to have successful curling, follow these simple rules.

Rule 1- Use hairspray. This is a necessity when using your curling iron, so just deal with the fact that you want it “natural.” Too bad! Hairspray evaporates and leaves the hair dry and not weighed down. Hairspray is key!

Rule 2- Take a reasonably sized section of hair, maybe a dime size in diameter, and start curling in the middle of the section, midshaft. You need to warm up the hair in the middle or it will never curl.

Rule 3- Let it cool in the curled formation. So important!

Now that you have this in mind, begin. Take your dime size section and spray the whole thing with hairspray, keeping the can about 10 inches away. Be generous with the spray-not insane, but get it on there. Now take your iron and clamp it midshaft and turn it so you are warming the midsection and the top section, leaving the bottom out. Do not start at the bottom and roll up, or the bottom will heat but by the time the iron is to the midsection there is too much hair for the heat to get through. Slowly open and close the iron so it releases the hair a tad  while pulling the iron down the shaft, so you are now warming the bottom, and roll the curling iron all the way up. Now the whole section is hot and will hold so much better. Release the hair and clip in into place so it cools in this formation. Once the head is cooled use the tail of a rat tail comb to separate the curls, and spray again with hairspray. You will be successful if you have patience and follow these steps.



IMG_0453 resize

p.s- if you have trouble reaching the back zipper on your dress when you get dressed alone, hook a hairpin through it and use that extra length to grab the zipper and pull it up.