VIDEO TIME! Swimming With Hair Color!

Dear Reader-

Keeping hair color fresh and vibrant over the summer can be a tricky business. Vacations, swim camp… there are so many elements that can fade your hair color. Check out this video for our tips and tricks on how to help your color during these trying times.


As The Curl Turns

p.s- hard water stains? Try dipping the item in white vinegar.


why can’t I style my hair like my hairstylist does?

Dear Reader-

As a professional, your stylist should be the utmost authority on styling your hair. Not to mention, styling one’s own hair is no easy feat. Your stylist stands behind you, is able to move around you with freedom and ease. Your own arms are attached, so unless you are Gumby, Stretch Armstrong, or an octopus- styling the 360 degrees of your head will be a challenge.

What to do? If your stylist is worth their salt they will educate you on how to maneuver your brush and blow dryer to get the best self-result.  They will tell you that smoothing the cuticle will avoid most flyaways, and the use of foundation products is just as important as the finishing products.  Pull the hair on the back of your head forward when drying, so you can reach around to the sides with the brush. Be patient when styling. We are all rushed in the mornings with kids and school lunches and carpools. But those extra few minutes taken will be worth the result.

And lastly- listen to your stylist carefully when they are educating you about your hair. Pay attention to the tiny details about brush placement, which fingers are doing what, and in what direction they are doing it in. Are they using their palms or their fingertips? How aggressive are they being when pushing or pulling the hair into place? Are you doing it the same, or slightly different? As The Curl Turns believes a slight difference can make all the difference.